Bedding Sand (Med) - Pre Bagged

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Our pre-bagged coarse sand is an excellent choice for a large number of landscaping uses. Made from double-washed crushed sandstone, the clean, versatile sand is ideal for use in your home garden, or for trade applications. And this medium sized bag is great for smaller projects, or for combining to get just the right amount for your landscaping uses. 

Coarse sand is ideal for amending soils, for adding structure and improving drainage. And it adds strength and robustness to other home and trade projects. A very good all-rounder!

Uses of Coarse Sand

  • Improves drainage in heavy garden soils
  • Great for mixing into mortar for pavers, retaining walls and other landscaping uses
  • Useful for building up height underneath flooring
  • Great for horticultural drainage
  • Ideal for under-turf
  • Useful between pavers
  • Fantastic in DIY projects, like garden ponds and even Zen gardens

Price is per m3

How much to order?

Ready to order pre-bagged coarse sand? Getting the correct measurement first is vital. Use our Quantity Calculator to the right to determine the amount of mulch you’ll need to complete your project.

We always suggest adding a 5% safety net to make sure you have a little extra if anything should go wrong. 

Available for Delivery or Pick Up

Do you need pre-bagged coarse sand for your landscaping project? Get in touch. Our team are on hand to help you get what you need either in person at our landscaping centre, or via delivery. In many cases, we even offer same-day delivery!

Ready to Order?

Get in touch. We can ensure you get what you need when you need it. 

To find out more about our pre-bagged coarse sand, contact our service team on 07 3245 5677.

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