20m Roll 65mm Agi Socked

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Improve the drainage in your yard or on your work site with our Socked Agi Pipe. Agi pipe is used to remove and divert water and is known for it's durability and flexibility. It can be used to combat boggy driveways, retaining wall build up, wet foundations and pooling water after rain. Socked Agi Pipe has the added benefit of being fitted with a filtrating sock  to prevent clay, dirt and other undesirable particles from making their way into the pipe and blocking it. This Agi pipe is perfect for draining wet areas through subsurface drainage and doesn't crack. We recommend using a socked Agi Pipe where you; it is a must have for sandy areas.

How to install Agi Pipe

To install, it’s best practice to dig a trench and lay the piping. Then border with drainage gravel and cover with top soil.

Benefits of Agi Pipe

  • I’s flexible and malleable. Meaning it can be installed in any shape you like.
  • Its durable.
  • There are an array of different fittings for different purposes.
  • It’s easy to install.

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