metal garden edging in a rustic garden with lawn and garden beds

Using metal garden edging for a charming, rustic garden

If you’d like to create a lush, rustic garden full of charm, character and personality, there are many great plants, products and materials that you can use. But one of our favourites is metal garden edging. Metal garden edgings, planters and rings are practical, flexible and visually appealing. You can use them to divide your garden, elevate your paths and bring form and function to your outdoor spaces. And they can be a unique element to create an enchantingly rustic look that only gets better with time. metl-garden-edging

Using metal garden edging for a charming, rustic garden

Metal garden edging

Lawn and garden edging can quickly bring your outdoor space from unruly to casually controlled and charming. Of course, there are many ways you can edge your paths, lawns and garden beds. But metal garden edging is an increasingly popular choice because you can create a wide range of looks. Plus its appearance gets better with age and exposure to the elements as over time it develops a natural, earthy patina. metal-garden-edging

Redcor garden edging

There are many different types of metal garden edging, of course, including galvanised which can give you a beautiful, clean finish. But for the rustic garden look, one of our favourites is Redcor. In fact, for the rustic garden, Redcor garden edging is a versatile go-to. Made from steel with a brilliant scarlet hue, Redcor garden edging is built to last. And it’s malleability means you can use it for a wide variety of forms. And it’s strong enough to retain that shape while resisting harsh weather conditions. But it’s real selling point is that with exposure to weather extremes it forms a stable oxide layer, or ‘patina’, on the steel surface. There are a number of different edging sizes (including different length, height and thickness) in the Formboss Redcor range, as well as the accessories to match. And Redcor garden edging is absolutely stunning in the rustic garden metal-in-water-feature

Metal garden edging accessories

In addition to our Redcor metal edging range, we have the Formboss Redcor stakes needed to help secure your edging and keep it in position. These garden edging stakes are made with durable Redcor steel, suitable for all weather conditions. As with the garden edging, their gorgeous scarlet hue will develop a stable oxide layer over time.

Rustic garden planters

To work in alongside your metal garden edgings – or as a stand-alone element in your outdoor space – Redcor planters and rings will create a gorgeous focal point. Perfect for adding personality to your patio area or larger outdoor space, the Redcor three-tiered planter can be used for greenery, to grow vegetables and herbs or as a raised floral feature. The three-tiered feature is made with Redcor steel for extra protection and durability in all weather conditions. Like the garden edging range, the planter’s stunning scarlet look is a feature in itself and is a perfect complement to your rustic garden space. The Redcor steel will develop a ‘patina’ stable oxide layer over time, which adds to its charm and appeal. The planter is also available as a four- and five- tiered custom shapescaper planter, giving you more flexibility, particularly in creating vertical green spaces in our outdoor area. rusted-metal

Metal garden rings

Redcor garden rings are also perfect for using in a rustic garden space. You can create a simple architectural feature, a bucolic raised garden bed filled with wildflowers or even use them to separate plantings into distinct groups. We love overflowing rings of herbs and even edibles! Redcor garden rings come in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, giving you the flexibility you need to create the look and design that’s perfect for your outdoor space. The gorgeous Redcor scarlet hue and durable nature of the rings mirrors that of the garden edging and planters, so your outdoor space will develop even more charm over time. In addition to the wide range of diameters we have available, Redcor garden rings have a few special-order options (you will see these on the drop down menu). These have a profile of 800 mm and are up to 1150 mm in diameter. If these larger rings will suit your space, give us a call so we can place your special order. rustic-metal-garden-edging

Need something else?

If you’re keen to explore the rustic charm that garden edging, rings and planters can give you, but you don’t see exactly what you need on our website, give us a call. We can place a special order for your backyard project. And we’re always here to give you any advice you might need.

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