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Tips for a Modern Garden Design

Modern garden design can sometimes be considered a little hard and harsh. It often incorporates large, paved areas without much by way of soft scapes. And it’s characterised by formal spaces and strict structure. On the other hand, if you’re a keen gardener you might have found yourself with a wide array of different plants and styles in your garden. Lush, varied plantings can be great, if you have a lot of time to maintain the garden space, and don’t mind the overflowing, messy look. But when you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by your confusion of an outdoor space, you might see that there’s a lot to be said for the sleek lines and organisation of a modern garden. People are beginning to see this and embrace modern garden design, even in a traditional home. That’s because a modern garden is open, clean and simple, and can accentuate the sense of space of any outdoor area. modern-home-design

Tips for a Modern Garden Design

So, how can you incorporate the best aspects of a modern garden design into your outdoor space? We have some creative modern garden design ideas to transform your outdoor space into an area you love spending time in. outdoor-home-design

Colour Palette

Deciding on a colour palette for your modern garden design is the first step. We’ve talked a little about it already, as a consideration for creating a modern outdoor space. A neutral base, achieved through your hardscapes, will support the natural greens of your plants. Then you can consider a pop of additional colour. white-pavers-hardscapes


An important foundational element for modern garden design is clean lines in your hard landscapes. You can achieve this using pavers, retaining walls or even pebbles. When you’re choosing your material, keep in mind that using large pavers with cleanly defined edges can make a smaller space seem larger. And lighter coloured natural stones are preferable to darker pavers, as they reflect light and feel clean and uncluttered.


If you decide to use paving stones, clean lines are key for a modern aesthetic. Adbri pavers are square or rectangular pavers in a range of neutral colours that are excellent for defining your space. Be sure to use pavers that are premium quality, slip and salt resistant and easy to maintain. You might also want to consider esplanade pavers, which are modern, stylish and add good, dramatic contrast to your outdoor space. They also act as a great neutral to support pops of colour.

Retaining Walls

For retaining walls, consider Modernstone and Linearwall blocks which can help you create a retaining wall to suit your modern garden design aesthetic. Modernstone blocks are versatile and strong. You can utilise this element to create straight or curved walls – whichever clean line you are after. Linearwall blocks are beautifully crafted and have a textural element. They don’t require caps or any core filling. And you can use them for corner walls or straight walls, as well as garden beds, edging, stairs and fire pits. white-pebbles-in-the-garden


Decorative bulk pebbles can add a fantastic textural element to your modern garden design. They complement the clean lines of your pavers and retaining walls and are a great support for your contrasting soft scapes. From natural white to greys to charcoals and more earthy tones, pebbles can work beautifully in your modern garden design as ground cover, garden mulch, for aquascaping or even to frame your outdoor living space. white-planters-with-greenery


Modern, minimalist gardens are all about simple, strong shapes. They rely heavily on the architecture of the space. Any plants you choose really must earn their place by looking good and complementing your other elements. Many modern garden designers prefer to use planters throughout the space because they are clean, simple and contained. The planter you choose should make an impact without detracting from views or competing with the balance of the space. Often just one statement planter is all you need. We love something like this three-tiered Redcor planter. It is a curved architectural element and can be used to grow herbs and vegetables or a raised plant feature. Mother-in-law’s tongue (or snake plant) would be a great choice of plant for the Redcor planter. Its upright shape and variegated colours provide their own structural element and a good contrast to the gorgeous scarlet steel structure. The Redcor steel is durable to last weather extremes, and over time forms a stable oxide layer on its surface, giving a beautiful patina. garden-edging-with-plants

Garden Edging

Garden edging is a wonderful way to bring a modern element to your garden. It’s a fantastic way to border off sections of your garden. And you can bring order and help to make maintenance easier, as well. You could use almost anything to create these spaces with edging. Wood borders, brick mowing strips, stone and even recycled rubber can all be beautiful choices. We especially love the look of metal garden edging. It can create a stunning urban effect, and looks incredible with its copper colouring amongst the neutral palette. Modern, minimalist gardens are a great choice for our Brisbane climate and lifestyle. Our range of pavers, pebbles and Redcor metal elements are a great starting point for your contemporary outdoor space. Our product info page is filled with ideas for your outdoor space, and we share regular how to tips to help you plan all your weekend garden projects. And if there’s anything else, remember you can contact the expert team at Rock n Soil any time! We’d love to talk through your modern garden design ideas.