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The best products for top dressing your lawn

We’re coming out of winter and into spring, and it’s a great time for lawns. They’re getting more sun, more water and probably a bit more attention as you spend more time outside enjoying the great spring weather. But with all this attention you might notice that your lawn has come through winter with a few holes, some unevenness and even unsightly bare patches. It’s time to get your lawn in shape. And top dressing is a great way to do that. pristine-turf

What does top dressing a lawn mean?

This is one of those phrases that is more complicated than the process itself. That’s because top dressing really just means spreading a light layer of organic matter (compost or sand usually) over your grass. Top dressing a lawn is a tried and true method for taking your lawn from bare and brown to green and growing. And it’s used by experts all over the world to keep the most beautiful lawns … well… beautiful! sand-in-hole

Why should you spend time top dressing your lawn?

If your lawn has unsightly holes or ruts, or even strange bumps and lumps, it’s not only unattractive but potentially dangerous. No one wants to play footy on the lawn in those conditions! But top dressing is an easy solution to fix those problems… and more. In fact, top dressing a lawn does a few things.
  1. Increases nutrient retention.
  2. Improves soil composition and drainage.
  3. Protects from pests and disease.
  4. Reduces thatching.
  5. Promotes healthy root growth.
  6. Makes for greener, lusher turf.
Most importantly, top dressing is great for filling in those awkward parts of your lawn and it provides an excellent boost to high-traffic areas as well.

The best products for top dressing your lawn

When it comes time to determining the best products for top dressing your lawn, it really comes down to the kind of lawn that you have. For best results you’ll want to use a top dressing product that’s similar to the consistency of your soil. In general this will be:
  • Fine compost
  • Sand
  • Topsoil
  • A combo of the above


Compost is almost always a great choice for top dressing your lawn. It has great nutrients and organic matter. And it can give your lawn everything it needs for strong growth. Good for: clay soil and sandy soils We recommend: Organically Enriched Compost white-sand


Sand is always a good choice for clay heavy soils because it helps to improve drainage and decrease soil density. It’s also great for evening out uneven lawns. Good for: clay soils and uneven turf We recommend: USGA Certified Top Dressing Sand with AmendMAX top-soil


Topsoil is a safe option that is good for most lawns, particularly for filling in holes and uneven patches. However, it doesn’t provide the same level of nutrients as compost, or the same structure amending capabilities as sand. But it is very good for combining with other elements to create a bespoke top dressing perfect for your turf. Good for: combining with other elements to create a bespoke top dressing We recommend: Premium Underturf Soil Blend green-grass

How to top dress your lawn

Once you know the right products for your own top dressing needs, top dressing your lawn is pretty easy. Check out our ‘how to’ guide for top dressing your lawn for all our expert tips and tricks. And get started this weekend! Top dressing is easy and effective. Grab your products, make your top dressing for your lawn and get started this weekend! Visit our product info page for everything you need to keep your lawn happy and healthy. And keep tabs on our how to page to find helpful blog posts like this and more. And if there’s anything else, remember you can contact the expert team at Rock n Soil any time!