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The best lawn for full sun

Look we love a sunburnt country as much as any Aussie. But when our lawns get fried in the summertime, our devotion can certainly be tested. The brown blades of grass and persistent tufts of Bindi that signal an Aussie summer may feel inevitable to most homeowners. But fear not, because the Rock ‘n’ Soil team have a solution. It all comes down to choosing the best lawn for full sun right from the get-go. Back in the day, homeowners didn’t have much choice when it came to grass. But today we have so many great choices that suit all types of lawns. From shady to damp and, yes, to full sun! So, if your yard cops a hearty dose of sunshine year-round, here are the best lawns for full sun, what to avoid when making your turf selection and how to take care of it once you’ve got it on the ground. full-sun-turf

What does ‘full sun’ even mean?

In a country that experiences A LOT of sunshine (La Niña aside), what does the term ‘full sun’ actually mean? A yard that gets full sun is typically considered to be an area that receives six or more hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight per day. So if you have many large trees in your garden or a neighbour’s double-storey home towering over your grass, your lawn is likely to be part-shade or full shade. But if your yard is relatively unobstructed then you probably have a full-sun location. sunny-turf-stairs

What is the best lawn for full sun?

When it comes to choosing the best lawn for full sun, you will want to select a turf breed that is hardy, heat resistant and drought tolerant. Couch grass varieties are generally considered excellent options for sunny spots and may very well be the best lawn for full sun. They might need a little more love and attention than other breeds, but the final look will be worth it. Couch is typically also cost-effective, fast growing, soft underfoot and durable. It also has a thin-bladed texture so gives a lush appearance. nullabor-couch-grass

Nullarbor Couch

Nullarbor Couch is one of your best options if you’re looking to turf a full-sun location. This type of lawn is heat resistant and needs at least seven hours of full sun every day. It’s a great choice if you’re on a budget, but be warned that you will need to put in a little extra work to keep your Nullarbor Couch in peak condition. It will crave a seasonal application of fertiliser for pest and weed control. And you could find that you need to use more herbicides and pesticides as well. lawn

Queensland Blue Couch

This guy was built specifically for Queensland conditions. Not only is the Queensland Blue resistant to both drought and weeds, it’s also a great pick for sandy, coastal conditions and can tolerate salt. Ensure your chosen location gets at least six to seven hours of direct sun per day. This is the minimum to keep your Queensland Blue turf happy. This durable grass is a popular choice for parks and sports fields too. Its tight leaf and root structure allows for dense ground coverage. aussie blue

Aussie Blue Couch

Similar to the Queensland Blue, the Aussie Blue Couch has been specifically developed for the Australian climate. It’s a little more costly than the Queensland Blue. But it offers a denser coverage and retains its brilliant colour throughout the winter. Keep in mind that some herbicides are not suitable for Aussie Blue lawns.

What to avoid

Of course, it pays to do your research when choosing the best turf type to suit your lawn conditions. Avoid bringing home any turf breeds that prefer shady conditions, have low heat resistance or are likely to suffer from heat stress. Kentucky Bluegrass, for example, goes dormant during the summertime so is unlikely to be the best lawn for full sun.

Maintenance tips for a sun-loving lawn

As mentioned above, couch grass can require some extra maintenance. This includes seasonal fertilising to keep your lawn looking fantastic all year round. This type of turf can also sprout runners. So you will need to pay close attention if you don’t want any spread. Rock ‘n’ Soil stocks beautiful Nullarbor Couch, Queensland Blue Couch and Aussie Blue Couch, all great for your full sun lawn. Come by and chat to us if you need any further advice on the best lawn for full sun, or check out our blog for tips on how to choose the best lawn type, how often you should water your lawn and how often you should mow. Now that we’ve discussed the best lawn for full sun, it’s time for you to get into the DIY spirit. Make sure you read up on our advice for how to lay turf and visit our product info page for everything you need to get started. Keep tabs on our how to page to find helpful blog posts like this and more. And if there’s anything else, remember you can contact the expert team at Rock n Soil any time!