Lawn Care Tips For Winter from the experts

As temperatures drops and your garden starts looking a little bare, you may not want to spend your time mulling around in the outdoors. While your lawn growth will come to a bit of a halt, it doesn't mean there aren't things you can do to keep your lawn looking green and fresh. When it comes to Winter lawn care tips, we reached out to the experts at QLD Organics to give us their best advice on how to keep your lawn looking green over winter. winter-grass Glen Vaughan, from QLD Organics took some time out to answer a few of our questions. QLD Organics has been in the business of making lawns green since 1995, producing a number or quality turf fertilisers.

What is the one piece of advice would you give when it comes to maintaining your turf all year round?

We recommend that you fertilize your lawn at every change of session and yes that includes that switch over to winter.

What is it about Queensland Organics products that make them so effective at maintaining a healthy lawn?

Queensland Organics products are Certified Organic and are developed with soil heath in mind. We don't just think about getting your turf looking green, we want to give your soil the best nutrients and structure to maintain healthy growth. If you are looking to keep your lawn green over winter I think it is important to look at these key points.

Tips on Lawn Care for Winter

1. Ensure you cut tree over-hang to allow sunlight to all grassed areas

Often forgotten about when it comes to Winter lawn care, as your turf changes - so to does your surrounding flora. Winter is prime time for pruning and cutting back any tree overhang. Not only will this tidy things up for spring, it also lets the light reach your turf; which is important as the daylight hours change. lawn-mowing

2. Raise the cutting level of your mower

Your turf growth will significantly slow as the temperature drops. Slower to grow also means your turf is slower to recover so why not give it a break by raising the cutting level of your mower for more height. leaves-getting-raked

3. Rake up all leaves and grass cuttings on your lawn

Again, it is important to make the most of the sunshine in winter so raking up your leaves and grass cutting is essential if you want the sun to shine on your blades of grass. If your turf is covered up with leaves you might end up with patchy lawn. Unfortunately you will have your work cut out for you as winter the time your trees and shrubs tend to shed their leaves. aerate

4. Aerate your lawn to ensure air and water can reach the root system

Another good task to add to you Winter turf maintenance checklist is aeration. Good for any season, aerating your lawn will help water reach your root system to assist with growth and avoid soil compaction. fertilising-lawn

5. Fertilize lawn with a quality fertilizer

Using a fertiliser like Turf Master or Organic Extra will do wonders for your soil health. Try building up your soil in winter to prepare for spring. It is a great time to fix areas where your soil is compacted or patchy. sprinkler

6. Do not over water your lawn

It is very important that you don't over water your lawn in winter. Overwatering can open your lawn up to diseases and can do more harm than good. Find out How often should you water your lawn in winter? and more tips on How to keep your lawn green in winter on our website. We have plenty of Brisbane turf tips that cover what is the best time of day to water your lawn , what turf would be best for your backyard and more.