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Everything you need to know about Aussie Blue Couch

Today we’re talking all things Aussie Blue Couch, a popular turf throughout southeast Queensland. If you haven’t gotten to know this beautiful grass yet, you’re in for a treat. It’s a lush, natural looking blue-green lawn with a tight leaf and root structure, perfect for our local conditions and down into northern New South Wales. Even better, Aussie Blue feels soft underfoot, making it a great option for running barefoot and enjoying all things in the great outdoors.

What is blue couch?

Blue couch is a species of perennial grass native to Mauritius and parts of mainland Africa. Ranging in colour from green to blue-green, blue couch was introduced to Australia and thrives in the warm climate of southeast Queensland and northern NSW. The most popular types of blue couch in our region are Aussie Blue and Queensland Blue.

Aussie Blue

Aussie Blue is widely used for commercial and residential properties. You’ll see it in public gardens, golf courses, parks and on sporting fields. It has thin blades which grow tightly together, and a lush, blue-green appearance. It produces a dense ground coverage. Aussie Blue is weed-resistant, thrives in drought-like conditions and resists wear and tear. It’s a great choice for sandy, coastal soils as its root structure forms closely together, securing it well underground. Compared to Queensland Blue, the leaf and root structure of Aussie Blue is more tightly formed. It’s a little more expensive than Queensland Blue – but grows to a denser coverage. And with care, it can maintain its strong colour through winter. Queensland-Blue-Couch

Queensland Blue Couch

Though not from Queensland, the Queensland Blue name has stuck because it thrives in our local climate. It’s also an excellent commercial and residential lawn, with very similar performance and care to Aussie Blue. It can be a more cost-effective choice than Aussie Blue sometimes as well. close up of blue couch turf in sunshine

Best aspects of Aussie Blue

The best thing about Aussie Blue is that it’s a warm season grass that thrives in a range of conditions. A few of the best features of Aussie Blue couch are:
  • Loves a full-sun environment.
  • Can tolerate a range of soil types, including coastal, sandy soil and low-nutrient soil.
  • Fantastic for large expanses such as backyard acreage, parks, sporting fields and schools. But it’s also excellent in long, thin nature strips.
  • High drought tolerance and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Excellent ground coverage due to its tightly formed, thin leaf structure and root structure.
  • Resistant to some varieties of weeds, particularly when it’s healthy and thriving. Weed control for Aussie Blue couch can be performed as needed rather than via a regular treatment.
  • Highly tolerant of mowing.
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Maintenance and care of Aussie Blue couch

If you have an Aussie Blue lawn, it’s important to know how to best care for it and what to look out for. Up front, know that it’s not a shade tolerant lawn, and that frost will cause the blades to shrivel. It can take longer to bounce back from particularly heavy wear and tear too. To best care for Aussie Blue:
  • During its growing season (the warmer months of September through to May) Aussie Blue couch needs a weekly mow. This will drop back to mowing every two weeks during the cooler months. Aussie Blue is also versatile in that it can be grown to a thicker, lush-feeling lawn or mown more closely to a lower, ‘bowling green’ height, depending on your preference.
  • It may require watering two to three times each week in the warmer months. This may include a deeper water when the weather is particularly hot or through times of drought conditions. Aussie Blue will require less watering through the cooler months of the year.
  • A seasonal application of a nitrogen-based, slow-release fertiliser is ideal for Aussie Blue. Premium Lawn Fertiliser is a great choice, whether in residential or commercial properties. Its slow-release granules contain trace elements and nutrients for long-lasting nourishment of your lawn.
  • If weeds do appear in your Aussie Blue and need treatment beyond hand-removal, a herbicide may be needed. It’s important to read the product label and choose one that is suitable for blue couch varieties.
Like other grass varieties, during a particularly wet season, Aussie Blue can be susceptible to lawn grubs or army worms. If you think your lawn has been affected, click through to read our how-to on identifying and getting rid of lawn pests. worker in green pants, grey shirt and gloves, laying blue couch turf between a section of pebbles and a section of paving

How to lay Aussie Blue couch

If you’re looking to lay Aussie Blue turf in your backyard, take a moment to read our guide on how to lay turf. There are a number of things to consider before, during and after you lay turf, so it’s good to know ahead of time what you are in for. And remember that our expert turf team at Rock’n’Soil are here to help guide you through the process, so your new Aussie Blue lawn thrives.

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Aussie Blue is a fantastic choice for your southeast Queensland backyard. It’s versatile for so many outdoor situations, from coastal to inland, and will thrive under the Queensland sun. At Rock’n’Soil, we can answer any question you may have about your Aussie Blue lawn, and can help with how to, product info and all things lawn care. Get in touch, our expert team is here to help!