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What’s the Difference Between Premium Garden Soil and Everything Else?

You might think dirt is dirt. But that’s definitely not true when it comes to your garden soil. In fact, the type of garden soil you choose for your garden is hugely important. It will impact on the growth (both in the short term and the long term) of your lawn, natives, flowers, trees, vegetables and anything else you choose to grow. And it will either support your garden with the nutrients it needs… or it won’t. That’s why it’s always a good idea to really think about the type of garden soil you’re laying down. But does it have to be premium garden soil? Could you get just as good results from another (cheaper) option? And what is really the difference between premium garden soil and every other kind? Let’s find out!

What’s the difference between premium garden soil and everything else?

The first thing we need to understand is what is garden soil? Garden soil mixes are not just dirt bagged up for your garden. Instead they are pre-mixed soil products that are intended to be added to your existing garden beds to support them structurally and nutritionally. They typically contain fertilisers, wetting agents or other additives – or a mixture of all. And that means they can make the perfect addition to your garden. But when it comes to choosing the right garden soil, it can get a little more confusing. There’s ‘normal’ grade soil mixes, premium grade, topsoil and organic? So what’s the difference?

1. Normal grade soil mixes.

Normal grade soil mixes are generally your least expensive options. They aren’t typically labelled in any specific way (other than as garden soil) but will contain a good mix of organic materials and nutrient additives. While you won’t choose this soil for every garden project, it does have some fantastic uses. And can be a very good option when you have a large scale project to undertake.

2. Premium grade soil mixes.

Your next choice is a premium grade soil mix. Premium soils generally have a few added extras – such as decomposed granite soil. It also tends to be a quality mix of sand, silt and clay with a 30-40% addition of organic content. This allows water and air to penetrate the soil and the soil to retain water and nutrients for the long term. Premium garden soil is designed to help you grow a range of plants, trees and turf with an optimal mix of nutrients.

3. Top soil mixes.

Top soil mixes are generally created with a small amount of nutrients. These nutrients are designed to support a newly laid lawn to become established. The soil mix is also created to improve the soil structure, which will help new turf to strongly take root. Our Premium Top Soil mix is also high in organic matter and loam which means that it’s great for improving poor soils and clay-based soils. seedling-growing-in-soil

4. Organic garden soil mixes.

In Australia, all ‘organic’ garden soils need to meet the requirements of Australian Standards 4419. These soils are designed to be chock full of nutrient rich organics that are formulated to stimulate growth, encourage microbial activity, improve soil structure, provide increased wettability and increase nutrient levels. They are fantastic for all plants and vegetables and can even re-energise tired garden beds, lawns and trees. Our highest grade soil mix – the Botando Master Blenders Signature Series Garden Mix – falls into this category. And it’s an excellent choice for garden beds and raised garden beds, where you really want to boost the growth and vitality of your plantings. It’s organic, free from any green waste and packed full of carbon goodness. And because it’s got a higher organic content, more trace elements and also contains sandy loam, it can improve the structure of your soil as well.

What to choose for your garden project?

When it comes to your next garden project, you’ll want to choose the right garden soil. Normal grade soils are fantastic when you’re on a budget, or are just filling holes and divots. But if you choose to use them for your garden beds, you’ll need to remember to put more time and effort into keeping the nutrients topped up with fertilisers. Premium garden soils are a much better option. They’ll give your garden a fantastic base for growth and support from the start. And if you really want to see your garden thrive, choose ultra-premium organic soils. These will see you in an enviable position from day one! Garden soils don’t have to be a dirty secret! We’ve got all the right advice to help you make a great decision that’s in budget and will give you fantastic results. Just get in touch with our soil experts and let us help you get started on getting the greenest and most lush garden in the neighbourhood. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our product info page for more backyard ideas, and our how to page for more helpful posts like this one.