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Choosing the right rocks for your garden

Choosing the right rocks for your garden

Rock Rocks are wonderful things. You can use them to make a pretty pathway, a durable driveway or a reliable retaining wall. Or perhaps you would like to adopt your very own rock as an exceptionally low maintenance pet! One area in which a lot of people find a regular use for rocks is in creating a gorgeous garden. With so much choice available it can be hard to know your River Rock from your Base Gravel. Did you know that Rock n Soil has the biggest range of bulk pebbles in the whole of QLD? So, if you’re looking where to get rock for your garden – you know where to go. And if you are after more tips and tricks we’ve got them in by the shovel load!

Decorative bulk pebbles

Rock Available in any amount or any variety you might possibly want or imagine, our decorative pebbles are perfect specimens of earthy goodness. Pick your colour and texture from a wide range of types. From crystal white to obsidian opulence, use them to add character and depth to any outdoor space.

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Nambucca Just like its namesake (a beautiful Aussie coastal town), our Nambucca 10mm and Nambucca 20-50mm pebbles equal natural beauty in abundance. The smooth texture of this rock finds its perfect complement in water features and aquatic-type plants. It’s also soft underfoot; so it makes for a great garden path. The 10mm option is ideal for smaller tasks (such as topping up those pot plants).
  • Visual characteristics: Blue, grey and cream tones bring out the depth of all types of foliage. When used near water, they create an effect which is incredibly inviting.
  • Ideal usage: Rockery gardens, pathways, courtyards/potted plants (10mm) and pond edges.
  • Price (subject to change): 10mm – $620 per m3. 20mm – $620 per m3.
Imperial Gemstone Our Imperial Gemstone rock is available in two size variations. We stock Imperial Gemstone 10-20mm, and Imperial Gemstone 40mm. Both look fantastic used in backyard and gardening applications, with the larger diameter size especially fitting in rockery features.
  • Visual characteristics: A multicolour mix of hues: featuring creams; yellows; blue-greys. Looks distinctive yet easily coordinates with any garden.
  • Ideal usage: In garden beds, rockeries and to form garden edges.
  • Price (subject to change): 10-20mm – $282 per m3. 40mm – $282 per m3.

Large rocks

Rock Large rocks may come in the form of boulders or slightly more maneuverable ‘spalls’. Spalls are flakes or fragments that are broken off a larger solid body of rock (you might call them ‘chips off the old block’). They are highly suitable for your bigger landscaping endeavours. As large rocks create protective wind and sun barriers – they can be strategically placed to provide structure and support, where it’s needed most.

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Sandstone Sandstone is more than a visually striking sedentary rock, it’s like a sunset you can hold. It’s highly recognisable as a part of the natural landscape and in architecture the world over. Of course, this durable rock can work just as well in your backyard. Sandstone 150-450mm is pure magic in adding shape and stability to your landscaping. Plus, with its compositional ability to regulate heat, it’s perfect for a poolside garden!
  • Visual characteristics: An iconic and richly layered mix of pink, cream and orange tones.
  • Ideal usage: All types of garden edging/construction especially retaining walls.
  • Price (subject to change): $180 per m3.
Autumn Gold A popular option at a great price point, our Autumn Gold 150-300mm is highly workable in setting out the confines of any garden. Earthy tones pop against green vegetation, so it’s an appealing option for backyards in tropical and temperate climates.
  • Visual characteristics: Ochre and ombre tones. A mix of tan, orange and grey.
  • Ideal usage: This size is most commonly used for garden edging.
  • Price (subject to change): $140 per m3.

Bagged pebbles

Convenience is your priority when you opt for bagged pebbles. But that doesn’t mean any compromise on quality. They’re also suitable for a wide variety of landscaping tasks. Contact us for more details on what’s available! If rocks had a resume then this would be it! But if you’re still wanting more than we totally understand. That’s what our product info page is for! Perhaps you are hanging out to know how to start a rock garden? Keep tabs on our how to page for a blog on this topic coming soon. And if there’s anything else, remember you can contact the expert team at Rock n Soil any time!