image of a pool and garden area in a backyard using timber accents in the roofing, decking, furniture and steps

Adding timber accents to your outdoor space

Using timber accents in your outdoor space can enhance your home’s curb appeal as well as your use and enjoyment of your yard. The natural, textural finishes of timber bring warmth and interest to elevate the exterior design of your home. Timber is a great choice. It complements most external building components, no matter your home’s design. And it can be used in a variety of ways. image of a pool and garden area in a backyard using timber accents in the roofing, decking, furniture and steps

What are timber accents?

Timber accents in home and garden décor are timber elements that are used to complement the exterior design of a home. Regardless of what your home has been built from – timber, brick, stone or even concrete – non-structural timber accents are a versatile, budget-friendly way to add a ‘wow’ factor to your outdoor space. At Rock’n’Soil, we have quality timber products suited to adding all kinds of timber elements to your outdoor space. Here are some of our customers’ favourites. row of raised wooden timber accents garden beds planted out with veggies and flowers

Garden edging

Garden edging helps to make your yard look tidier, by defining zones with clean lines. It also helps to separate your lawn from soil or mulch, which works towards weed prevention. Using timber for your garden edging will reduce your garden maintenance too, by making mowing easier. You won’t have to second-guess where your lawn ends, and your paths and garden beds begin. Treated pine sleepers are a versatile choice that will complement most outdoor spaces. The sleepers look especially good in a yard with Australian native plants. And using treated pine means their resistant to rot and termites that might otherwise impact timber in damp soil.

Garden beds

Hardwood sleepers are a great choice for creating in-ground or above ground garden beds or to construct raised garden beds. They’ve been treated to withstand fading and erosion, as well as Australian weather conditions. They are strong and durable and have natural qualities that will guard against damage from termites and rot.

Children’s play areas

In addition to garden beds, CCA hardwood sleepers can be used to define children’s play areas, perhaps paired with playground sand. Their natural look means they will suit any exterior theme or design. (And your kids will love them!) pool area with timber accents in the fencing and decking

Decking and paths

Treated pine sleepers are an excellent choice for most outdoor spaces. They’re a timber accents that will naturally complement homes made from brick, render, stone, cladding or traditional wooden Queenslanders. They have pre-cut bevelled edges and have been treated for improved preservation and to reduce the risk of splinters. And the manufacturers have extensively tested them to ensure their quality and durability. Hardwoods are a great choice for decking, to create paths or for pool areas as they can withstand southeast Queensland’s high temperatures, as well as rain and salt water. Decks and pathways are a great way to rejuvenate your exterior design and increase your use and enjoyment of your home. A well-built deck looks fantastic and is a lovely complement to your home, making for a space to relax and entertain family and friends. timber steppers along a grassy patch against a wooden wall and grey pebbled garden bed

Garden zones

Vintage-style railway sleepers are recycled timber accents that can give a rustic touch to your outdoor space. Their gorgeous, natural woodgrain adds character and organic interest. Use them to build a feature fence or wall or as a base for climbing plants or to frame a vegetable garden. Railway sleepers can also be used to create a privacy screen which is an excellent way to ‘hide’ a shed or your garden tools, bags of mulch or even kids’ play or sports equipment. And natural timber accents look particularly good when paired with our range of Redcor planters and garden rings.

Outdoor benches

If your outdoor space is small, you can use timber accents to expand your use and enjoyment of your time spent outdoors. A great DIY project is to build a bench from either hardwood or treated pine sleepers. An outdoor bench can be the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee, evening drinks or to relax and take in your surroundings or the view. Add cushions for comfort or add a pot plant or two at the end to create a mini garden. front porch area of a home with a wooden front door that is open and a wooden roof over the porch with two garden beds framing a white path up to the door

Looking for more ideas? Get in touch.

You can use timber accents as a subtle feature or as the primary focus of your outdoor space. Their natural warmth will complement and elevate any exterior design, as well as improve the functionality and enjoyment of your home. If none of these ideas tickle your fancy, but you’re keen to add timber to your outdoor space, get in touch. Our expert Rock’n’Soil team is ready to talk all things timber. And keep your eye on our product info and how to pages, for more excellent outdoor ideas for your home.