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When should I mulch my garden?

When should I mulch my garden?

It's a question we often get asked by customers 'When should I mulch my garden?' So we thought we would ask our friends over at GDE Mulching to give us a bit more insight. GDE Mulching have been operating for over 30 years. They are experts when it comes to mulches, forest fines and super fines. And they know exactly when and how to mulch your garden for the best results. Asking 'when should I mulch my garden'? Then let's dive into the prime times to mulch your garden and mulching tips for gardening beginners. mulch in silver bulk bag for when should I mulch my garden

Tips and advice from GDE Mulching

How many years experience do you have in the mulching business?

Here at GDE Mulching we have had 30+ years in the industry and pride ourselves on being a 100% treecycle company. We do our bit by being environmentally conscious and by making sure our products and practices align with our values and ethos. Our goal is to recycle unusable, unsalable green tree waste into quality, organic and 100% chemical-free garden mulch products.

What types of mulch do you produce?

For GDE Mulching, they have three big three products are forest fines, first grind and super fines.
  • If you want to be water-wise and improve your soil quality our Forest Mulch is a great option for you.
  • Our First Grind is our most cost effective offering and is a ground mulch made from mixed green waste. It will feed your garden and protect your garden beds during the summer.
  • Our Forest Fines are a beautiful, aged, finely-screened mulch that's ideal for establishing new gardens, breaking up clay-based soils and improving damaged soils.
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If a customer has decided they want to mulch their garden, what time of year is best for them to lay down their mulch?

If you're asking, when should I mulch my garden, the warmer months are a great time. Early to mid-spring is what we would recommend. Really mulching at any time of year is OK, but the warmer months are a great time to refresh as temperatures start to rise. Since mulch is more absorbent than bare soil alone, you conserve water and time, and your plants will be better protected during hot and dry weather. mulch-around-the-base-of-the-tree

Can you mulch at any time of year?

Yes, you sure can. Mulching also prevents the spread of weeds and plants. By blocking soil from the light, the germination of undesirable seeds is prevented. It also serves as a barrier between the soil and the air, mulching prevents airborne seeds from taking root. mulching-potted-plant

How thick should you layer your mulch?

For good coverage we would recommend 100mm or four inches. Your mulch releases important plant nutrients as it breaks down, improving soil quality. Mulch works so well as a natural fertiliser because it breaks down gradually, releasing nutrients into the soil slowly over time. Mulch also contains bark from trees in the pine family, or pine needles will help inhibit the growth of certain pests and pathogens. red-mulch

What type of conditions should a customer lay down their mulch in?

We always recommend the ground is wet when you lay down mulch. So after a big rain is always best.

What are the benefits of laying mulch?

An advantage most people don't consider is mulch’s insulating properties. Spreading mulch creates layers of plant material interspersed with pockets of air, which makes mulch an excellent temperature stabiliser. This means that your plants will experience less highs and lows of differing temperatures, protecting your plants.

What tips do you have for keeping you mulch looking fresh?

Regular watering and turning mulch with a garden rake will keep it looking fresh. It will also help that your mulch will act as a preventative against weed growth. Mulch makes your garden look neat and saves you time.

So, when should I mulch my garden?

So, answering the question when should I mulch my garden – remember, any time is a really great time. Just wet the ground if you can, and get started. Today is better than any other day!

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