How to create a modern outdoor space

How to create a modern outdoor space

When moving into a new home or deciding to give your home a bit of an update, it can be hard to know where to begin. Especially if you are wanting to bring your home out of the 70s and 80s and into the new century. If looking to update your yard, the good news is that this is one of the easiest area to give a modern look as there are no dated wallpapers, tiles or structural fixtures. It still might take a lot of work, but you can usually get straight into it without too much trouble. Here at Rock 'N' Soil we know a thing or two about giving your home a glow up so why not follow these easy tips for creating a modern outdoor space: modern-outdoor-space-with-pool

Plan out your theme and colour scheme

If you are not happy with your yard now it is likely due to a mismatch of styles or lack of care when planning. It could also be due to age - the hallmarks of which are old cracked concrete pathways, a rusty hills hoist and brown brick garden edging. To avoid this mismatch it is important to think about how you want your yard to look. Do you have a theme or style you like? Are you a fan of topical plant or Aussie Natives? Perhaps you like the idea of an English countryside garden or a Tuscan villa style complete with a grape filled trellis. Organise your thoughts by creating a mood board filled with landscaping concepts you like, you might begin to see a colour scheme or theme come out of this. Perhaps use Pinterest to look for ideas. Once you have your colour palette and style chosen, cut out any idea that doesn't quite fit with the theme or switch it up so it still connects with the style. pavers

Use paving to incorporate block colours

By paving an area of your backyard you can not only create and area to entertain, lounge or dine but can incorporate a large block of colour from your outdoor palette. Neutral colours like grey, natural, sandstone, white, black and brown are all great paving choices for a modern look. Darker shades of blue, green and grey are particularly in vogue at the moment and are effective for creating a bit of contrast against the greenery in your yard- you might however want to save these shades for your accent colour or secondary shade. Paving also helps give you a neat and structured look.

Add a fire pit for cosy entertaining

Nothing combines the modern and rustic like adding a fire pit to your outdoor area. A fire pit can be used as an anchoring feature of a garden or like the example above can be used to create small entertaining pockets within a larger outdoor space. Fire pits are very much in fashion at the moment, particularly built in pits created with masonry and tile. A sunken fire pit is also a great way to add a bit of excitement to a paved lounging area. mulched-garden-aea

Use mulched pockets of greenery

These days, modern garden designs don't rely on big bright flowers or and English country style for impact - the focus now is on neutral textures and using natural element to create calm and order. This is why many landscapers opt to add a mulch into their designs. Today there is so much variety in colour and style that you are sure to find a mulch that is fit for any backyard theme. sandstone

Use sandstone

Timeless and durable, sandstone is the perfect neutral stone to use in an outdoor space. It can be used as a paving option, seating or can be used for your retaining walls. It also perfectly matches in with the sage greens that have been a staple in home design over the last four years.

Use a multi-material approach when it comes to using decorative stones.

Decorative stones are the perfect way to add colour and texture to your home, They are also great at displaying theme and style. Modern garden design favours decorative stones when used in conjunction with other hardscapes materials like paver, garden edging and retaining wall blocks. floating-deck

Use floating decking

The ultimate way to give your property that modern edge is to add a floating deck into your design. Not only will the natural grain of the timber be a match for any style or theme but it also is practical by creating even pathways, a raised entertaining/dining space and a spot for you family to relax.

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