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How does drainage gravel provide drainage?

How does drainage gravel provide drainage?

truck collecting drainage gravel Putting the Rock in ‘Rock N Soil’ we are experts when it comes to finding the perfect drainage gravel for your next project. Drainage gravel can be used both in a commercial and residential capacity as a way to improve the drainage in your backyard and divert water away from your home keeping it dry when the weather decides to change. Drainage gravel can also be used in water features, around fire pits and as a decoration for your garden or in a more functional manner; to create retaining walls, to divert water away from waterlogged areas and to create pathways and driveways. Below we will go through why drainage gravel has become a specialist type of rock in it's own right: drainage gravel

Perfect For Drainage

As the name suggests, drainage gravel is perfect for diverting away water and preventing pools of precipitation. Drainage gravel’s moisture-resistant design, weight and coverage all lend it to preventing water from damaging your home. Drainage gravel can differ in colour depending on what quarry it was sourced from. Common shades include blue and grey but it can also come in hues of brown, black and white. work boots in drainage gravel

It has Heat Absorption Qualities

Exposed rock works in a unique way by absorbing the sun’s rays during the day and radiating the stored heat out at night as a way to keep dry. This is why your rocks are the first thing to dry after a large downpour of rain. This is what also makes them perfect for any drainage projects. drainage gravel

Drainage Gravel Lasts

Hardy and strong, drainage gravel is resistant to erosion and does not degrade over time; meaning your project will stand the test of time and won’t need constant upkeep. It is also perfect if you are concreting a driveway or paving a patio area. If used near and around concrete, it is able to absorb any runoff water and used to line driveways it can evenly disperse the water flow with heavier rainfall. If our are having drainage issues this is probably due to you quick absorbing topsoil. Most topsoil is about 5-20cm thick and can quickly become waterlogged. truck collecting drainage gravel Drainage gravel can be used on a number of commercial projects and works particularly well when creating crossovers on building sites. It controls silt, erosion, and sediment during the delivery phase of projects and fulfils legislative and contract obligations when it comes to environmental compliance. When backfilling trenches it is also perfect for diverting away water from piping and electrical cables. To do this it is best to find a supplier that provides an extensive range of gravel sizes as each backfilling project will be different. We offer a large array of drainage gravel at a competitive price. We currently stock six types of drainage gravel with three premium gravels and three recycled gravels, all available in sizes ranging from 5mm-40mm. Our technologically advanced fleet will also make delivery easy. Your delivery can be tipped off or craned into position. Our wide range of drainage gravel ensures that you can get the right material for the right purpose, as we understand that every project will have different compliance requirements and constraints. Here at Rock ‘N’ Soil we make it easy when it comes to protecting downstream environments and meeting requirements for storm-water run-off protection. Rock 'N' Soil landscaping supplies service Brisbane and the Gold Coast and have a wealth of knowledge to share with customers! If you are inspired, why not share this article on our social channels or check out some of our other great blog pieces like: Which turf should I use for my yard? or How to start a rock garden.