5 ways to use Trade Mortar

5 Ways To Use Trade Mortar

rendering-wall-with-motar Formed in 2003, Cement Australia are Australia's premium suppliers of everything cement related so we decided to collaborate with them on a deep dive into one of their most versatile products: trade mortar. Trade Mortar can be used when laying bricks, masonry blocks and stonework as well as being used as a general-purpose mortar for repairs. Cement Australia have been perfecting their mixes for almost 200 year after the merging of Queensland Cement Ltd and Australian Cement Holdings and supply yards like us all over Australia. Their Trade Mortar is one of their most popular mixes and is perfect for DIYers as well. We had a chat to the team to give us some more insight on how you can use trade mortar to improve your outdoor space:

What is it about trade mortar that makes it so versatile?

It has got to be it's consistent performance, strength and colour. It is also so easy to use for customers with that "Just add Water" approach. By having it pre-mixed and bagged we also eliminate contamination concerns, quality control concerns and issues of raw material variability.

What makes Cement Australia’s Trade Mortar stand out from the crowd?

It's mined, milled and manufactured right here in Queensland. It's also a quality assured pre-blended M4 bricklaying mortar mix conforming to Australian Standards – AS3700.

What are 5 ways you recommend using trade mortar?

We recommend using it for general mortar applications, brickwork repairs, for seal pipework and for fittings.

How does Cement Australia ensure the quality and consistency of their product?

Cement Australia operates one of Australia’s leading purpose built, Construction Materials testing laboratory accredited with the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA), located in Darra, Queensland. Our modern testing facilities, in conjunction with best practice Quality Assurance, enables us to supply product of consistently high quality. mortar-for-piping

Have you got any other tips for customers wanting to use trade mortar for their next project?

  • Don't be scared to give it a go....
  • If using a concrete mixer, add clean water per the instructions on the bag to the mixing vessel. Empty the Trade Mortar blend into the water and mix thoroughly. Start with the minimum amount of water to achieve a workable mix.
  • Do not exceed the recommended amount as too much water weakens the mortar strength.
  • If using a wheelbarrow, place the required amount of Trade Mortar into a wheelbarrow, plastic bucket or on a non-absorbent surface making a ‘well’ in the centre of the powder and add clean water per the instructions on the bag and mix thoroughly to obtain an even and consistent mix.
  • Only mix as much mortar as you can use within one (1) hour.
  • Don't allow the mixed Mortar to stand for long periods of time, retempering the mix will weaken it.

If you want to know more about using Trade Mortar, watch this video:

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