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Let’s take a look at Candy Soil. We’ll show you how this quality landscaping soil/ plant growth material is a real treat for your garden and a trusted choice for establishing just about any kind of greenery!

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Introducing Candy Soil

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You really put your heart and soul into growing a garden. First, you select your prefered plants. Then you find the ideal spot in which to grow them. You take time to water them, fertilise them and basically tend to them in every way possible. By setting them up with the right foundation, i.e. the best soil, you’ve already met one of the most fundamental needs for their continued development.

In this blog, we take a look at Candy Soil. We’ll show you how this quality landscaping soil/plant growth material is a real treat for your garden and a trusted choice for establishing just about any kind of greenery!


A sweeter blend

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Candy Soil is available in a range of product lines which are fully built-for-purpose. This high level of versatility makes it suitable for bringing even your most complicated garden design or landscaping ideas to life. Not only is it the perfect way to nurture new growth, but you can also rely on it to protect the maturation of just about any kind of plant life. And depending on the particular blend, Candy Soil also acts as a brilliant top soil, turf prep, and vegetable garden improver.

Before we really delve into the many benefits of Candy Soil for a variety of applications, let’s take a look at the composition of each soil blend. Naturally, you’ll notice a focus on premium/highly nutritive components.

  • Candy Podium Blend – aged organic compost, graded horticultural ash, rich mineral base.
  • Candy Underturf/Eco Blend – aged organic compost, rich mineral base, screened soil component, well-drained dark appearance.
  • Candy Premium Garden Soil – rich aged mineral soil, specially formulated high nutrient organic compost.
  • Candy Premium Overturf – premium selected sands graded and washed, high nutrient chicken and feedlot compost, hardwood sawdust.
  • Candy Soil Improver – premium aged compost, agricultural grade, contains natural organic nutrients.


Your best garden soil mix


Have you been wondering how to improve your garden soil? It’s no longer a matter of trial and error with Candy Soil. Candy Premium Garden Soil is your obvious choice.

What does it offer? A specially formulated garden soil mixture which helps retains nutrients in your garden bed, due to active mineral components. Provides deep root growth and organic content keeps soil rich, porous and open.

What is it most suitable for? For use in most forms of home gardening. Can also be used for topping up garden beds (remember to ‘fork over’ well).

Tips for use. Water before and after planting. Lightly fertilise with a complete fertiliser after planting. This will help promote the microbial activity in this organic soil.


Optimal dressing for your lawn


Achieving an even and green lawn is within easy reach when you use Candy Premium Overturf. As its name suggests, it’s ideal for improving the look and feel of your grass surface.

What does it offer? A lawn soil that promotes vigorous root growth. A balanced blend of the finest sands and compost facilitates free and uniform leaf penetration.

What is it most suitable for? Use to boost existing lawn topdressing and to repair worn areas in your lawn. Excellent lawn seed raising mixture. Suitable for cylinder mowers.

Tips for use. To use on worn areas of grass/turf ensure that you fork and aerate before spreading. Spread evenly but don’t cover leaves (leave them exposed). Water thoroughly after applying. Fertilise every 2 weeks for most of the year and every 6 weeks during Spring.


Good soil for your vegetable garden

tomato bowl

If you’re looking to grow juicer fruits and veggies in your own backyard, then boy do we have the solution for you! Look no further than Candy Soil Improver. It’s the perfect choice in soil for a garden bed.

What does it offer? Agricultural grade product which improves plant growth and encourages excellent fruit and vegetable crops. Encourages earthworms and adds nutrients such as nitrogen and trace elements. Improves clay soils and increases aeration when used in poor soils.

What is it most suitable for? You use it to improve existing soil, especially when it’s poor quality. Works well as a mulch to help grow vegetables.

Tips for use. If you use as a mulch, be prepared for it to decompose quickly helping the structure of the soil. Keep soil away from the plant stem. This will prevent rot and allow moisture absorption.


Products that are ideal for landscaping

outdoor set up

There’s a product for any purpose when you choose Candy Soil. Of course, these blends can be used in your backyard but they are also nutritive enough to be used in bigger projects and commercial landscaping applications.

Candy Soil Underturf/Eco Blend is a premium economy mixture purpose made for the landscaping industry. With a balanced particle size, it conforms to Australian standards and Queensland Government soil requirements. It’s specially designed for landscape contractors and builders. Its primary use is to prep the ground for laying turf.

Candy Podium Blend is Candy’s lightest soil blend. Therefore, it’s ideal for patio and rooftop gardens. You can also use it in planter boxes and raised garden beds. It’s also workable for turf prep in areas with minimal sun or where drainage is an issue. It’s predominantly alkaline so is most suitable for shrubs, perennials and annuals.

Looking for more information about soil? It’s easy to keep in the loop by following our blog page. Remember, if you’ve got any questions you can contact the friendly team at Rock n Soil anytime. We’re here to help!