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Bulk Bags: Why they are great and why you should use them for your next project

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Bulk Bags: Why they are great and why you should use them for your next project

bulk bag

When you’re planning on doing some landscaping work around your yard on a large scale, there are a few extra planning steps you need to take before putting those plans in motion. One of these steps is to organise the transport and delivery of your bulk materials. There are a few ways you can transport your bulk supplies to your backyard of worksite:

  • You can do it yourself: If you have a trailer, you can go and pick up you supplies and get someone from the landscaping yard to tip your product directly into your trailer.
  • You can get it delivered and tipped off: A driver can tip off your bulk material load – trying to get it as close as is safely possible to the area you want.
  • You can get it delivered in bulk bags: Your landscaping can load all your bulk materials into bulk bags and deliver it, craning into exactly where you want.

Bulk bags are one of the best ways to receive your materials and there is no need to be a tradie to use them. See why it makes sense to get your next delivery in bulk bags:

Bulk Bags are versatile and handy

One of the greatest benefits of using bulk bags for your next project is their versatility. Due to their handy design, strength and the addition of the handles on top bulk bags can be craned up multi-story buildings, craned under buildings, craned over fences and can be moved using a fork lift or lifted or a truck or trailer. This makes them the perfect choice for both tradies and your weekend warriors as it saves time and effort by getting those materials placed in prime position.

bulk bag

Keep your product contaminant free

Another great benefit of getting your materials delivered in bulk bags is that they stay contaminant free; this is especially handy if you’re getting multiple deliveries of different landscaping products at once. The bags are fitted with a tie-up material lid so your materials are protected from the weather and other pollutants as you use it. If you are using the products gradually this will keep them fresh and ensure they stay put, even in tight and restricted areas.

bulk bag

Bulk Bags are reusable

If you are doing your project in stages, you can always bring your bulk bag in to get refilled with your next purchase. Their design and material also makes them durable enough to sit out in the harsh Australian weather so you can use them again and again.

bulk bag

Keeps your driveway clear

While getting your bulk supplies tipped off is still a great way to get your product delivered, it can be messy; especially if you are not going to use it on the day it is delivered. Getting your products delivered in bulk bags ensures your driveway and other access points are clear so you can work with no worries. It also ensures your product is not affected by extreme weather like high winds or torrential rain.

bulk bag

No need for a trailer

Did you know that you don’t even need a trailer to come and pick up your bulk bags? They can be transport them the old-fashioned way, just come on down and we will help you load up.

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